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Case Study: Account Recovery


At Facebook, I was a member of the Facebook & Messenger Growth Team in Menlo Park, California. The mission of the team is to connect everyone on the internet to Facebook using a test-driven approach. With this mission in mind, the overall problem themes I focused on throughout my time at Facebook were: First, help people log back into their Facebook account when they want to engage. Then, secondly, help people keep up-to-date with their Facebook community, even when they are logged out.


Redesign account recovery for Facebook.com & Messenger.com.


I was the sole designer working on the redesign of the end-to-end account recovery user flow for Facebook.com & Messenger.com. I partnered closely with the Facebook Core App team and Account Access team to ensure consistency across different surfaces of the product. I also collaborated with data science within the Core Growth team to identify key drop-off points in the existing account recovery flow which could use improvement.


There were two main stages of work when it came to redesigning account recovery for Facebook.com and Messenger.com. The first stage in this redesign was to update the UI interface components within account recovery in order to create parity with Facebook's new design system. The second stage of the redesign was to introduce key UX improvements to help people log back into their Facebook account. This second stage included auditing the existing account recovery from both a UX research perspective and data perspective which subsequently led to a prioritization of the most important areas to improve. Following the redesign of account recovery on Facebook.com, I took learnings from the project and applied them to redesigning key areas of account recovery on both the Messenger iOS and Android mobile apps.


This redesign of account recovery is now live at facebook.com/login/identify.

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